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Knowing In Detail about The 9apps Store

Knowing In Detail about The 9apps Store
June 6, 2019 Tom Clark

1.What is the play store all about?

9apps is an app store developed by Alibaba Corporation and functions in the manner similar to the likes of Google Play Store or Apple Store. It is the repository of apps meant for Android and PC devices from where the users can easily download the ones easily available in other play stores and even the ones that are not available. Maintaining a user base of 250 million and currently operational in 10 nations (the majority of them are Asian), it has garnered much of the user support and is currently under further updates for smoother user experience.

2.What are the reasons for its popularity?

The reasons for the popularity of 9apps lie predominantlyin its features that have helped the users a lot and the following elucidate on the same: –

  • Consumption of the lowest amount of space in the hard drive of the device that can solve a lot of memory related issues often experienced by the regular Android users
  • Maintains the repository of both easily available and not-so-easily available apps that can aid the users in easy downloading of the same and enhancing the overall security of using these apps
  • Does not consume much of the data package in the background activities of the app store, when compared to the others
  • Maintains a dynamic downloads manager that not only shows the progress of app downloads but also offers live notifications on any updates required in the existing versions of the installed apps
  • Offers customized interface in the 9apps that can easily be adjusted by the users as per their convenience

3.How can it be installed in Android devices?

The app store can easily be installed in the Android devices in the following ways: –

  • Visit the official website of 9apps and redirect to the link for download of apk version for Android devices.
  • A pop-up would appear warning regarding the downloads from the third party sources.
  • Bypass the same by offering all of the required permissions in the Settings of the device and then click on continue.
  • Go to the downloads section of the device and click on it.
  • Follow the next instructions to have a successful installation of the app store.

4.How can it be installed in PC devices?

In PC devices, the user needs to pre-install an emulator software that can aid in smooth downloading of the apk version for PCs and then follow the steps same as that for the Android ones in order to install 9apps successfully.

5.What are the system requirements?

The following are the system requirements for the app store: –

  • Minimum of 10 MB free space in the device
  • Android version of 4.0 and above
  • Stable internet connection throughout the process
  • Emulator software in case of PC downloads

6.Is it safe to use?

Though being a third-party software, 9apps is completely safe to be used as it has all of the malware protection walls enabled and holds the required developers’ authentication certificates to being allowed for downloading by the users.