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Is Installing A Fire Rated Door Compulsory For Corporate Buildings?

Is Installing A Fire Rated Door Compulsory For Corporate Buildings?
September 14, 2021 Tom Clark

Emergency situations can arrive at any time. We don’t have a predictor on this. So what we should do is keep ourselves prepared to fight any tough situation. And this is why it’s wise to install a fire control door in your office building. This door has a special feature to stop the further spreading of fire. Also, it has high resistance to heat. Now, the question is that is it compulsory for all the buildings to have this door installed? Well, we will discover the answer through a thoughtful long discussion.

Saves Lives:- There is nothing more important than survival. So when you run a massive company where you have thousands of staff working under you, you are responsible for their safety. As a sincere boss or owner, you can’t put their life at risk no matter what. This is why it’s important for you to have fire rated doors installed in your office building. A fire outbreak is a dangerous situation and immediate actions are required to control such a dangerous situation. This door helps you to do that. It helps you to control this entire situation safely.

Less Property Damage:- As we said earlier this door has amazing capacity to hold the fire at one place. It can resist high heat like 720 degrees centigrade at a time. This door works very efficiently by stopping the spreading of fire on an immediate basis. So, by installing this door you can effectively minimize the risk of serious property damage. It doesn’t let the fire spread to other portions. So, if you have valuable stuff in your office, that is also safe if such a situation ever arrives.

Meeting Government Policy:- There are some safety standards stated by the government which you need to follow deliberately. Installation of fire rated doors comes under such safety regulations sometimes. So as a company owner we want you to avoid every kind of legal hassle. And for this we recommend you to follow this safety rule.

Environment Safety:- Fire outbreaks can lead to high production of toxic gases. Such gases are highly harmful to our living environment. Also, it has a major harmful impact on the human lungs. Sometimes such gases cause breathing trouble which is extremely unbearable. This is why today corporate buildings prefer having this special door installed. This can prevent exposure to such toxic gases.

Thus to conclude, for your every staff’s safety, your safety and your property’s safety it’s compulsory to have this door installed.