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How to Use a Bong: A Basic Guide for Beginners

How to Use a Bong: A Basic Guide for Beginners
November 20, 2020 Tom Clark

In the United States, 36 states and territories allow recreational or medical marijuana use.

With the popularity increasing every year, it is easy to see why. Enjoying marijuana can be done in several different ways, but bongs remain a popular choice. Have you ever wondered how to use a bong?

How to Use a Bong

A bong, sometimes called a water pipe, is among the most popular ways to consume leafy marijuana. A bong consists of three basic components. The stem, this is where you draw your hit from, the chamber where smoke builds up, and the bowl where marijuana is burned.

While styles and circumstances vary, using a bong can be a straightforward, comfortable way to consume. Let’s break down the steps of how to use a bong, and then we’ll go over some of the different ways that bongs are designed. First, the steps for using a bong.

Step 1: Fill the Chamber

For the classic sound effect that you hear on movies, and to cool the hit of marijuana, you need water. Water goes straight into a bong, usually down through the stem. Often you’ll fill the chamber about halfway.

Whatever you do, don’t overfill your bong. You want to make sure that water isn’t pulled up or gets up to the bowl itself. Make sure the cover at least the first half of the pipe stem sticking into the chamber.

Step 2: Pack the Bowl

Put enough marijuana in your bowl that the bowl isn’t overflowing, but is even with the top. Before filling the bowl, make sure that it isn’t clogged with resin, or else you won’t get a hit.

On many bongs, the bowl and stem can be removed. If you have one built like this, then remove it and fill it before you put it back in. This can prevent accidental spilling of the bowl or the bong water.

Step 3: Light the Bowl and Pull

The only thing left to do is to put fire to the bowl and pull a deep, steady breath through the stem. Make sure that you have a good seal between your lips and the bong, or else the hit won’t travel into your mouth. Now you can enjoy smoking out of a bong alone or with friends.

Other Types of Bongs

There are a few major variants and one key component to speak of. Differences between bongs often come down to whether or not they have a removable bowl and stem. If yours does, this is what acts like a carburetor. Removing it will allow the hit into your mouth.

Other bongs have a finger hole that operates much the same. If yours has a finger hole make sure to keep it covered while taking a hit, and then release your finger pressure after you are ready to draw in the hit.

You will also notice that bongs can be made of various substances. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in different types of bongs, then don’t worry, you have a large field to study. Check out this link and read more now.

Enjoy Your Bong

Bongs are great fun, they have a distinctive noise and many people find them less harsh than pipes or other methods. You will cough less once you know how to use a bong. Enjoy smoking marijuana responsibly and the bong may become your favorite apparatus in no time.

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