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How to Pleasure a Woman: 5 Things All Men Must Know

How to Pleasure a Woman: 5 Things All Men Must Know
December 4, 2020 Tom Clark

There’s an orgasm gap, and you can help close it.

One study shows that 95% of men orgasm during sex most of the time. This is true for only 57% of women, and over half of the women surveyed admitted to faking an orgasm before.

Looking to improve your game? As a man, it’s your responsibility to understand a woman’s needs. Read on for five tips about how to pleasure a woman.

Communication Is Key

Before you try any of these other tips, one comes before them all: communication.

You might have heard that clitoral stimulation is key, but this isn’t true for every woman. Each woman has different needs and sexual interests, and you should always ask her what she does and doesn’t enjoy.

This doesn’t have to be a drawn-out conversation that ruins the mood. A simple “Is this working for you?” can give you some quick feedback.

Foreplay Isn’t Optional

You’ve probably heard this one before, but do you know how much foreplay and what kind?

Women need more time and play for arousal than men. You can even start the foreplay long before you enter the bedroom. Steamy texts, images, and teasing throughout the day can help excite her for later.

Most women need more than a few minutes of foreplay. Slow it down, explore her whole body, and ask her what she’s into.

Use All Five Senses

Don’t limit your sex to physical sensations. Arouse all her senses for a whole-body experience.

All five senses feed into one another. Use scented massage oils and play her favorite, sensual music. Certain smells and foods like chocolate and cinnamon are proven aphrodisiacs.

Slow It Down

Sometimes, great sex comes in the throes of passion. Before you know it your clothes are off. But, this shouldn’t be your go-to game plan.

It might sound tempting to speed through to climax and gratification. This won’t please your woman. Slow it down, and take your time paying attention to her physical reactions.

The clitoris and other erogenous zones like the nipples are sensitive, and going too fast can cause discomfort. Take your time teasing her, caressing, and kissing before moving towards penetration.

Bring Out The Toys

Sorry guys, it’s hard to compete with an entire industry built for sexually pleasing women.

Sex toys are high tech enough these days to hit her every sweet spot at once. So, why try and compete with them when you can use them to your advantage?

Asking a woman to bring out her favorite vibrators will open a whole new world of possibilities. You can watch her use toys on herself to see what she likes. There are toys built for couples too which can add to both partners’ pleasure.

Meet Her Needs: How To Pleasure a Woman

Explore, experiment, and give her the best orgasms of her life.

Knowing how to pleasure a woman means open communication, trust, and repetition. With all of these tips, you’ll have to put her needs before your own. By tuning in to what she’s feeling and communicating with her about her desires, you can improve your sex life.

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