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How to Market Your Available Job Openings

How to Market Your Available Job Openings
August 21, 2018 Simon Hopes

Twenty years ago, the easiest way to attract candidates towards your open positions was to advertise in your local newspaper. Times have certainly changed, and candidates now more than likely look online for openings, and this trend will likely grow as time goes by. This is why advertising your job openings online is crucial to hiring for the right fit at the first time of asking.

We would recommend websites such as, as they have a large database of dental professionals who have submitted their details and experience online and are candidates who actively looking for work.

This allows you to lower the costs of having to go out and find these individuals yourself, which allows you to decrease the time you spend on the recruitment process. You can post an advert on DentReps by visiting this link

Here are some additional tips for marketing your dental job opening.

Carefully Craft the Job Advert and Description

If you focus on trying to make the opening appear to be exciting and attractive, more candidates will be likely to apply, allowing you to attract the best talent. If you make the position seem dry and boring, candidates will be less motivated to apply to work with you. It is important for you as the dental office to offer something different, whether it be the chance of promotion or additional on the job training.

Take Past Applicants into Consideration

Maybe there was a recent employee who left on good terms who may like to return to the workplace? Or someone who came close to landing a job at the last recruitment process? Invite them back to apply. Ex-employees are excellent because they require less training and are more likely to make a running start.

Make a Video?

Creating a short video about the opening helps to attract more people to the position. All this would involve would be videoing the workplace and speaking with existing employees. This would allow the candidate to see whether they would be suitable for this position.

Can you think of any more tips to help attract more candidates to your dental jobs opening? Have any of these tips worked for you? We’d love to hear from you.