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How to Grow Your Online Business With Cold Email

How to Grow Your Online Business With Cold Email
February 26, 2019 Tom Clark

How can you grow your small business with cold email? I often get asked this question, and I get it. There are lots of digital marketing strategies where you can put your money in to develop your business, but the truth is that it is difficult to decide on which marketing channels to invest your money.

Cold email is one of the most effective marketing strategies that has been around for as long as the name business goes. Businesses of all sizes have achieved incredible successes with cold email campaigns, and today, freelance writers are making a success of their freelance writing business with cold emails.

Laura Lopuch of, for example, has been using this email marketing strategy since the onset of her business. And the result, one cold email got her about $20,000 in profits. She notes that she used 328 cold emails to initiate her writing business and scale it to 1400% in four months.

Here’s a screenshot of her cold email campaign statistics;

Laura is just one interesting example to show the potential of a cold email. There are other incredible examples as well, such as this company that gracefully increased email open rates by 57%, boost email response by 21% and acquired 16 new B2B clients. All with the help of cold email marketing strategy.

However, if you are new to email marketing, you may be wondering, what cold email? So let us address it first.

What Is A Cold Email?

A cold email is an email that you send to a recipient without prior solicitation. It is not so different from cold calling, and in some cases they are identical. This type of email is a personalized message you send to qualified leads, which means that the addressee was established before sending the email.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that consumers fancy email content. Therefore, with such incredible success in a short time through cold email marketing, I know what you are thinking;

How can you apply this same strategy to take your business to the next height?

In this article, you will learn proven tactics that have assisted big, small, and medium-size businesses to maximize their return on investments (ROI). So let’s move in.

Grow Your Email list

First things first, without a file you wouldn’t have anyone to send emails to, which is why you have to grow your list. You need a target market you will reach out to with your brand message or business services. Given this, you have to focus on the creation of your email lists to grow it to a reasonable number of subscribers.

In consequence, do not try to grow a general list of just everyone, target your file to a real buyer persona who will aid to improve the connection of your emails and boost open rates.

Make Sure Your Emails Get to Their Inbox

Yes, that is true. Now that you have successfully build your email lists, its time to start sending out cold emails to prospects. In other words, start prospecting. However, you need to remember that the number of emails sent globally is increasing by the day as the report by Statista has shown.

This statistic reveals that in 2018, the number of emails sent and received per day was over 280 billion. That figure is projected to reach more than 333 billion daily emails in 2022. With these staggering numbers, many emails do not reach their intended destination.

It means that the majority of the email messages do not get in the inbox of recipients since most emails are considered spam, which is why you must make sure your emails land in their mailboxes.

To do so, try to get the primary address of your cold contact, as many marketers have more than one email address. For example, I have over five addresses ranging from personal to business and anything in-between. As a result, If you want to get my attention, you have to direct your message to my personal or business account.

Therefore, to help you find corporate email addresses of your target prospects, use email finding tools to ensure that your messages get the attention of recipients.

Craft A Compelling Subject Line

Your email subject line is a vital element of your cold email strategy where you must give your undivided attention. An email subject line can make or break your marketing campaign because it decides whether a prospect will open your email or not; that is the power of a subject line.

You don’t want to drain your effort only for email recipients to delete your messages without reading. For this reason, follow the rule of thumb and:

  • Be brief and to the point.
  • Entice perspectives with a promise and be honest about it.
  • Magnetize with curiosity.

Mind you, writing an ideal email subject line is not very simple, it is like writing a headline of an article where you spend hours on ends trying to craft the best headline that will improve clicks to your blog or website.

Similarly, spend a considerable amount of time when writing your subject line to make sure you create a compelling email subject line.

Compose A Fascinating Email Body

Crafting a captivating email subject line that grabs attention is only half the battle, you have to follow suit in the body of the email. The email body must keep up to and connect with your subject line, or else users will delete it in a few seconds.

Laura, mentioned earlier above points out that the best way to create a fascinating email is to be relevant. She notes that “relevance is the secret sauce that makes a cold email feel warm.” In other words, being relevant will make receivers to continue reading your email.

However, if your email body is not relevant to the subject matter, recipients will delete the messages, and chances are they may also unsubscribe from your list.

Improve Your Cold Email Tactics

Manually sending emails to prospects is laborious and nerve-racking and, less effective. With that said, use email marketing automation tools to upgrade your game. You can invest in tools like:

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • Mailshake
  • Clearbit Connect

Interestingly, Shane Barker compiled a list of 25 excellent email marketing tools that will assist you in your email marketing strategy. These tools will streamline your work by offering:

  • Email templates for your use.
  • Allow you to segment your campaigns.
  • Monitor your performance, and
  • Schedule follow-up emails.

By using automation tools, your campaign will become more efficient and effective.

Send Follow-Up Emails

Are you in the habit of sending follow-up emails to non-responsive recipients? It is a remarkable way to get their attention. However, you have to wait for about a week or two before you start sending out subsequent emails. Sometimes it can take months before you get a response, and such response is always positive.

I’m assuming you’ve already done your research of the prospects. In that case, continue sending them emails to keep in touch. Use any of the email tools mentioned in the above section to schedule follow-up emails.

Email them updates of what you are working on, your latest content, about seminars, and anything in between to keep the communication alive and until you get a yes answer.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is an appealing way to reach qualified leads and grow your business partner. However, you must first take time to build your list and improve your email copy. Don’t forget to use calls-to-action in your email body to urge receivers to open your messages and take your desired action.

The more you offer customers what they need from you via emails, you will be surprised at how fast your business will grow.

About the author

Moss Clement is a freelance writer/blogger and a content manager at Writers Per Hour. He is working closely with B2B marketers and individuals like you to grow your business by delivering highly informative content tailored to the needs of your buyer persona.

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