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How can you find what someone’s activity on Instagram?

How can you find what someone’s activity on Instagram?
December 25, 2021 Tom Clark


Instagram is a massive platform and it is full of people because over 1 billion users are registered on this platform. As you know Instagram is a popular social media platform and there are some other well-known platforms as well. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn soon. These are also having a massive community of users. When you are using social media platforms then you are not safe because anyone can access your pictures and info if your account is public. Moreover, when people use Instagram for business marketing then they also use it to buy real Instagram followers UK for their account. And their account is also public so that anyone can check their activity on this huge platform.

Most people want to check someone’s account activity and keep an eye on them. Maybe they are your haters or just doing it for fun. Most of the time when you are a business marketer and your competitors use to keep an eye on that specific account. They track it to make better strategies to beat their competitors in the marketing race. So that to stand your ground on Instagram you can also check someone else’s activities if its account its public.

How to check friends’ or followers’ activity?

A time ago Instagram has an option to check the activity of friends and followers but it is removed by Instagram more than a year ago. It allows users to check their follower’s activity and which post they liked by just tapping on the activity option.

It is removed Instagram because they said that according to their research, not many of their users this option. That’s why they removed it from Instagram. But some of the people didn’t like their actions maybe they are using that feature or they like it.

But for now, users can also go to explore page and can check the account that has many numbers views and followers. Just a minute but how they can check followers activity we are going to describe it to you.

How to see someone’s recent posts on IG?

As Instagram is a visual content sharing platform and most people are used to sharing content regularly or twice and three times a day. In a case, if you are following many numbers accounts then it may a chance that you missed some posts and it gets refreshed. But don’t worry. If you want to check recent posts of someone’s specific account then you can also check it. Moreover, by doing this you will keep yourself up to date with their recent posts. So to check the recent posts activity of your followers you just have to follow some simple steps.

  • At first, open an Instagram app and then log in to your account. If it is already login then just you need to launch an app.
  • When you open the Instagram app then an IG interface will come in front of you where you can see a search option below in the interface.
  • Click on that search option and then use it to write a username of that specific account in the search bar. If you just use to write name then a number of results you will get. On the other hand, when you use the username to write in a search bar then a specific post will appear as the result.
  • Now you just have to open that profile and can check its recent posts.

How to check someone’s followers?

When it comes to keeping an eye on competitors then everything matters that what they are following and who are their followers. It will help to create your own audience more strongly. To check out anyone’s follower’s users must have to follow the following steps.

  • As same as the previous one launch Instagram apps at the very first.
  • Then use to search user name in the search bar to find that account to check followers.
  • When you get results according to your search then open that profile and you will see an interface having followers and the following options.
  • Click on the following option to check that this profile is following specific accounts of which they use to interact.
  • On the right side, you will also see an option for followers. By clicking on those options users can find out which kind of people following this account.

So that by following these simple steps users can easily find the follower’s activity of an IG account.

Wrapping up

Instagram is a massive platform that is used by billion of users having public or private accounts. They also used to buy real Instagram followers UK for their account and start promoting their content to get more engagements. To make better strategies for marketing. You can also your competitor’s activities by following steps that we have mentioned in our articles.