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Hillandale Farms Discusses a Few Hacks for Effortlessly Cracking an Egg

Hillandale Farms Discusses a Few Hacks for Effortlessly Cracking an Egg
March 24, 2023 Tom Clark

After buying eggs from Hillandale Farms, one can cook them in a number of ways. Sometimes simple fried eggs, others may try out fancy poached eggs. Scrambled eggs also can be a great wholesome meal. However, to make most of these dishes, one needs to firstly crack the eggs. While cracking eggs seems like a simple concept, it is not always hassle-free. One needs to use the right techniques for cracking the eggs to reduce the chances of getting eggshells in the food.

Hillandale Farms sheds light on the various ways to crack eggs perfectly

The easiest and most efficient way to crack eggs would be against a flat surface, to get more control over the break. If a person tries to whack an egg against a ridged surface like the edge of a bowl, they may end up breaking both the shell and the protective membrane that separates the yolk and the shell. As a result, shards of the shell might get into the bowl. Hence, it is better to hold the egg in one hand and tap it on a flat surface. This surface can be a cutting board or a countertop. One needs to keep tapping till they see a vertical crack and an indentation in the shell. After this, one must use their finger to separate the two halves of the shell gently, and pour the yolks and whites into a bowl.

If one does want to crack the egg on the rim of a bowl, they need to make sure that they are making contact with the center of the egg. While cracking an egg on the rim of the bowl is not the best choice, at times, it can be the most convenient surface option available to a person. In this situation, one must try to crack the egg close to its center. By doing so, they can use their fingers to create a neat split and separate the two halves with minimal shell debris.

For the ideal combination of speed and precision, trying out the one-handed crack method would be a good idea, especially when using fresh, high-quality eggs from Hillandale Farms. After all, this technique is widely popular among professional chefs, and can come as a huge help when one has to crack several eggs quickly. This technique basically involves using the pinky finger and ring finger of the dominant hand to grip the bottom of the egg, and then prying the egg off the top with the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.

There also are many chefs who prefer the control offered by items like knives to crack their eggs. For the best results, one needs to hold the egg in the palm of their hand, with its pointed end being towards their fingertips. Then they need to break the egg with a palette knife, striking it across the middle of the egg using the type of wrist action used to cast a fly-fishing line.

Even after following the techniques mentioned above, once in a while, one may get a piece of eggshell in their bowl or pan. In such a situation, they can use a bigger piece of shell to scoop it out. It is a pretty easy and hassle-free trick.