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Here is the Layman’s Fencing Guide

Here is the Layman’s Fencing Guide
March 29, 2018 Simon Hopes

There are many reasons why you would want to install a fence. You might want to keep your pets or kids safe in the backyard. Maybe you just want your privacy back from your nosy neighbors, or you want to keep your home safe from intruders. Perhaps you just want to add to your curb appeal.

Whatever your motivation is, you can achieve any of these purposes with the right fence. There are many styles available in the market to choose from. They have different maintenance needs and costs.

When you hire a fence contractor, they will want to know what purpose you want your fence to serve. This way, you are able to choose the materials and estimate the cost of your whole project.

Here is a laymans guide for fencing;

Privacy: If privacy is your biggest concern, then you will need a solid fence with pointed stakes and framed panels or vertical boards that are tightly spaced to prevent people from peeping into your yard. It should also be long, in most cases 6 feet or slightly higher depending on your neighborhood.

If you do not mind a little visibility, then you can go for pickets with small spaces in between or pick decorative patterns or lattice.

Security: To keep intruders out, you will need a high fence; 6 feet is usually standard but it can be higher depending on your needs. Pointy fencing materials work as a deterrence to anyone who wants to climb over to your yard. The fencing material should also be smooth on the outside; that way, there is nowhere to step on.

Safety: To prevent wildlife from entering your compound or your dog from falling into the pool without blocking your view, you will need a wire fence. A chain link is the best and most durable option. There are cheaper galvanized metal mesh materials that can be used in this case. Adding a vinyl coat in black or green makes it almost invisible. For a lower cost fence, you can use plastic or metal mesh suspended on metal stakes or posts.

Ornamental: If your main goal is to establish a boundary around your property, add a structural component to the scenery and add some beauty in the process, your fence doesn’t need to be so high. A three or four foot high fence will be perfect. Picket fences that are spaced, ornamental designs that do hide the view and lattices will enhance your landscape.

You can also do a simple rail fence like the ones in horse farms if you are on a budget.

Don’t let the designs confuse you; know what you want beforehand and your choice will be easy. Go for durable, long-lasting, affordable and easy-to-maintain fencing materials. If you are confused, it’s always good to consult an expert to help you make up your mind.

Choosing a fence is a critical decision. If you make a mistake, know that you may have to live with it for a longtime. So, take your time until you are sure of what you want.


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