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Here is How You Give The Media An Excellent Press Release

Here is How You Give The Media An Excellent Press Release
January 11, 2019 Simon Hopes

If you are looking forward to spreading a good word about your own business, a press release is the best tool in your arsenal. And, after reading this, if you think that you might have to hire an excellent writer, let me tell you to hold fire, as you are more than capable of doing it yourself instead.

That’s because you can do it yourself. If you are managing a public relations campaign by yourself, writing press release should come naturally to you. If you have exciting news about your service, product or company, then get ready to experience the power of a press release first hand.

So, let’s dive in  and see what’s the fuss all about!

What’s a press release?

A press release is an official document used to share information with the media about a particular matter. It is written with a clear purpose and in a formulaic way. If you are wondering why a press release should be written in a formulaic way, well, the media gets bombarded with a huge number of press releases in a single day and if they all were written in various formats, the press will be stuck in a very difficult situation.

By writing a press release in a simple language, easy formatting with exact venue details, timings, headlines and so on, you contribute towards making a journalist’s job easy.

This way if you are simplifying the work for them, you are bound to get an excellent coverage in magazine, newspaper, news broadcast or website. The chances of your story getting published may increase if you send goodies like sample products, discounted services or company specific branded pens.

Therefore, it is important that you learn the tips and tricks regarding how to write an excellent press release before you go and provide the media with an incomplete and insufficient press release.

If you’ve written your statement in a hurry, the journalists are likely to regard you as an amateur and your press release will most likely be ignored. So make it sound and appear complete with all the important details mentioned.

Know the basics of sending a press release

A press release is sent to TV stations and editors when you are ready to get free media coverage. Though, there is no guarantee that you will actually be getting free publicity. In PR, there are a lot of differences between public relations and advertising. And, it is totally up to the media personnel whether they want to cover your story or not.

Some publications may make you wait for a few months to get your press release published, while other publications may publish your press release in just a few days. The publishing time will depend upon the quality and importance of your press release and the press’s schedule.

For television stations, it is another story entirely. If you want airtime for your event, send your press releases to local TV stations at least two days prior to your event.

Ensure the press release is newsworthy

News releases are also referred to as press releases. This means that if you have already been marketing a product for a long time, there is no point in doing a press release about it unless you are unveiling a new version of that product.

If you are sending a press release about an old product, the editor is most likely to throw it away in the trash. If you have come up with an innovation for your old product then that becomes your news.

There are various types of press releases you can come up with like when you are about to launch a new business, hiring new employees or telling your audience that you are starting charity work or if it is something new and creative about your business and your product line that can be considered worthy of a press release.

There is a trick to write a good press release. Your message should reach your target audience in a manner that it doesn’t sound like an advertisement to them. To make sure that the reader finds the information accurate and trustworthy, write a press release in an unbiased format.

With these tips, you can now explore a whole different avenue to make yourself more visible to your existing and potential target audience.