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Heart problems and how to tackle them in pregnancy

Heart problems and how to tackle them in pregnancy
December 20, 2018 Simon Hopes

Pregnancy can always stress the heart and its circulatory regime. When one is pregnant, the blood volume in the body increases from 30 to 50 percent so that it can nourish the growing foetus inside. Also, the heart pumps more blood and so the heart rate also increases.

So, if there is a heart problem, then one definitely needs heart medication pregnancy to solve that. But these problems mostly sustain for 9 months of pregnancy. Once the baby is out, the heart rate becomes normal as it were before pregnancy.

But whether there is any risk having heart problems during pregnancy or not completely depends on the severity of one’s heart condition.

  • Heart rhythm issues if they are minor are very common during pregnancy and so they are not a cause of concern. But if one needs some treatment for arrhythmia then one should go to their doctor for medication and then take accordingly.
  • In case of heart valve issues or having an artificial heart valve can increase the complications if one is pregnant. If the valves are not working properly then one may have trouble in tolerating the increase in the blood flow when one is pregnant. Also, some artificial valves can carry some increased risk and also a potential life threatening infection at the lining of the heart. If one wants to take blood thinners, it can also put the baby’s life at risk. So, one needs to be very careful.
  • When the volume in blood increases there can be a chance of congestive heart failure. This heart problem one can have since birth and with time it can also give a high chance of risk to heart defects as well.

Some heart conditions can be considered to be more serious than the others. Like narrowing of aortic or the mitral valves can cause some life threatening situations for both the baby and the mother. It depends on the situation that what kind of treatment or surgery is required there.

If a woman has rare congenital conditions or high blood pressure that affects the lungs and arteries then they are not recommended to become pregnant.

Also, remember whatever medicine you take during pregnancy might affect the baby. So pregnancy and heart medication should always be consulted with the concerned doctor. Whatever medication is needed it has to be at the appropriate dose and only a doctor knows how o prescribe it. One should always take the medicine exactly the way it has been prescribed.

If one already has a persisting heart problem then they can schedule an appointment with their cardiologist if they are trying or planning to conceive a baby. The doctor will evaluate the heart condition of an individual and then they will consider some changes in treatment procedure so that it becomes easy to conceive a baby.

But there are certain heart medicines which are not used during pregnancy and so depending on the situation the doctor can adjust the dosage of those.