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Guidelines on creating a strong hiring process

Guidelines on creating a strong hiring process
May 2, 2018 Simon Hopes

At the time of hiring there are so many candidates that you may come across. Some seem to be extremely talented while some may not but might be good in keeping relation and handling social activities. Often because of such behavioural traits, employer does get confused on which option to choose. But the fact is if you are looking for growth and better opportunities for the company’s success then it is important that you also have a good team to handle such situation. To have a good team, make your hiring quite a lot stronger with these easy steps given below.

Conduct an aptitude test:

An aptitude test gives you the exact analysis and result of the inner behaviour of the individual. Whether the person is flexible, aggressive, individual player or can work with the team are some crucial things that at the time of hiring, you must know about the candidate. Other than this, active approach, confident personality and initiatives to come up with new ideas are the common things that you can expect from a candidate. This is the main reason you must conduct an aptitude test and understand if the person whom you have shortlisted falls in all these categories or not.

Technical round must be considered:

Under this part, whether it is a marketing person or an engineer that you are planning to hire, you must make sure the candidate is pretty much confident on the skills and abilities. You can understand his knowledge and competency about the project acceptance by conducting a technical round. Generally you must put those questions whose projects you often get in the organization. This would give you a clear idea on whether the person has got better learning abilities to brush up the skills and whether the person is actually clever in all these things or not.

Personal interview should be conducted at last:

Personal interview is all about discussing the salary and understanding if the person can showcase himself more confidently in front of the clients or not. This type of test must be conducted to give the candidate a clear idea about the job profile and the company in which he would be entering. Of course, such type of test is expected to be conducted only if the candidate clears the above two rounds. It is better to have one on one approach at the end of hiring process. Though it is traditional concept but shall always be concluded keeping the professional approach in mind.

To understand the abilities of ancillary skills and whether the person whom you are planning to hire is competent or not it is always better to use a competency measurement tool. It gives the most accurate results and ensures that you get the quick analysis of the person in less span of time. Such type of tool is always a good approach to evaluate the profile of the candidate against the job profile for which he will be hired.

Now that all things are in front of you, make sure you perform an effective hiring without any issues.