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Guide to the most well-known spots to live in the city of Jakarta

Guide to the most well-known spots to live in the city of Jakarta
October 22, 2018 Simon Hopes

Pondering moving to the Big Durian? An unavoidable truth here is the activity so finding a place to live is a need. Contingent upon your way of life, needs and needs, living in Jakarta can mean a wide range of things. We’ve gathered together some accommodating tips about the city’s most well-known neighborhoods. You should really book a hotel Indonesia Jakarta before you decide where to live.


Menteng is situated amidst Jakarta making it a standout amongst the most advantageous spots to be in case you’re working here in various global and national ventures and organizations. Appreciate the city’s best shopping, feasting, and nightlife comfortable front entryway. Likewise, in case you’re considering settling down in a house, Menteng is known for its delightful noteworthy engineering and beguiling tree-lined boulevards.


This southern Jakartan neighborhood is mainstream with expats with families, on account of its closeness to global schools and premium bistros and markets. The avenues are little so there is normally a great deal of movement in the territory and amid the ends of the week, the bars and clubs add to the feverish streets, however Kemang does Sunday informal breakfast extremely well! Only an expression of caution, amid the stormy season, the territory surges vigorously and as often as possible.

Kebayoran Baru

Including Senayan, Simprug, Wijaya SCBD and Blok M, Kebayoran Baru makes up a vast swath of the Southern Jakarta. Amid the day, Kebayoran Baru is extremely helpful for going into the focal point of the city and in the nights, it has been the place to go on the off chance that you need a beverage, a pleasant dinner, and a boogie.

Kebayoran Lama

Kemang is an entirely costly piece of town to live in yet on the off chance that you move only somewhat facilitate south to the areas of Kebayoran Lama, you’ll discover universal schools, extraordinary eating, new tall building condos, and homes with yards. What’s more, it will be more sensibly valued than Kemang! There are a great deal of neighborhoods here including Cipete/Cilandak, only a short distance from Kemang; Gandaria, another area based on a one-stop shopping center; Permata Hijau, somewhat farther however found near significant toll streets; Pondok Indah, the well-to-do neighborhood known for their McMansions and huge two-section shopping center.

Pantai Indah Kapuk

In simply the most recent few years, Pantai Indah Kapuk has changed itself from a far away suburb loaded up with new void shop fronts to Jakarta’s freshest culinary hotspot. Notwithstanding the majority of the eateries (with new ones opening constantly), PIK is known for it’s wide, perfect and precise avenues. When thought to be too far, the new Lingkar Luar toll street takes a ton of the agony out of driving.


Situated in West Jakarta, Tangerang is a sprawling suburb-like district made out of Bintaro, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD City), Alam Sutera, and Lippo Karawaci. Tangerang has grown extremely well and now has its very own shopping centers, eating, and pleasantries so you don’t need to go into the city for anything. For more data about what Tangerang brings to the table, look at our inside and out advisers for the region.

Kelapa Gading

On the east side of town is Kelapa Gading, a very much arranged however more established region. The expat network isn’t immense here and you may need to go to the focal or south to get claim to fame or import things or for a night out.


Moving Jakarta, however not by any stretch of the imagination a major city individual? Think about Bogor in West Java, and you won’t be the just a single, the Presidential Palace is situated there too. You won’t thoroughly get away from the urban contacts, yet you will get a colossal measurement of greenery and a break on lease. To do the drive, you can either take a lengthy drive in or take the passenger prepare.