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Email Marketing Automation: How Can It Help?

Email Marketing Automation: How Can It Help?
December 17, 2018 Tom Clark

Email marketing is becoming more effective now that it can be integrated with other digital marketing instruments and campaigns. Aside from sending informational emails and promotional offers, you can also use email marketing to really engage the potential customers at every stage.

The addition of automation to some of the best email marketing tools makes email marketing even better. The tools are designed to be extremely flexible, allowing you to use them to create a more personalized user experience at every turn.

So, how can email marketing automation help your digital marketing efforts? Here are some of the ways you can utilize email marketing automation for maximum impacts.

Automated Lead Development

One of the reasons why email marketing is still used heavily by digital marketers is its ability to generate leads. Unlike other digital marketing instruments, email marketing connects you with individual recipients on a more personal level.

The more you engage the recipients, the more you get to know about them. At a certain point, that knowledge can be used to further sharpen your sales funnel and create a truly unique approach to lead development.

For example, you can automate sending different emails to recipients at different stages. When trying to recover customers with dropped carts, the email can contain the products they already added as well as other recommendations to keep them interested.

After customers have made their purchase, you can also automate emails that delight the customers further. Sending a birthday note with a special offer or a freebie and adding smart content to the emails you send on a regular basis are additional ways you can benefit from automation.

Your Own Workflow

SendInBlue, the best marketing automation software when it comes to email marketing and digital marketing in general, offers automation tools in a very interesting way. Rather than forcing you to implement automation through codes or predetermined routines, the tool has building blocks and a more modular approach.

This means you can develop your own email marketing automation workflows based on your specific needs. The process starts with defining the triggers and metrics that start other actions within the workflow. You can then add and customize the actions to take based on certain metrics.

More importantly, you get detailed feedback on how the workflow operates, including feedback from the emails sent to customers. You can then use the insights to further improve and refine your automation workflows and continue to improve your email marketing campaign. You can even use the insights to support other digital marketing efforts.

Precision Targeting

The effectiveness of email marketing campaigns depends highly on how well you target your recipients. What you want is an email marketing list filled with people who are interested in your products and services or your content.

In the old days, fine-tuning the mailing list was something that needed to be done manually. You had to go through the list periodically, remove inactive email addresses and recipients who never open your newsletters, and do other maintenance tasks by hand.

Today, these tasks can be made fully automated. On top of that, there are ways to recognize recipients based on wider metrics, which means you can now target the right audience in a more precise way. The marketing automation software will even find the best times to send an email to the recipients.

This level of precision targeting has another benefit: a more cost-efficient email marketing campaign. Rather than sending thousands of emails to recipients that don’t even open your email, you can direct more resources towards catering to those who do.

More Than Simple Tasks

The real advantage of using email marketing automation software is automating everyday tasks, mainly tasks related to maintenance. You’ll be surprised by how much time you can actually save when you automate most of the mundane tasks associated with running a successful email marketing campaign.

Automation isn’t limited to simple tasks either. Thanks to new tools that help capture and analyze different metrics and trigger points, even the most complex tasks can be fully automated by defining the right way to handle them. This is why the ability to create your own automation workflows – as mentioned earlier – is so important.

You can even do automated testing. The testing tools include checking whether your custom workflows really work as well as trying different content for different audience groups to find the most effective campaigns to run.

Today’s top automation tools will even handle most of the data analysis routine for you. Rather than going through logs and raw data, you have access to visualized reports that really tell you a complete story. The comprehensive reports give you the extra tools and resources you need to integrate an effective email marketing campaign with other campaigns in your digital marketing efforts.

As you can see, there are many advantages to automating your email marketing.  Why not get started and reap the benefits today?