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Do Cloud technologies help improve the work environment?

Do Cloud technologies help improve the work environment?
May 4, 2020 Tom Clark

Today, with the arrival of millennials and Generation Z, there is a generational shock in the business environment. The mindset of employees has changed and today they no longer tolerate or allow attitudes that were normal in the past. For example, excessive working hours generate great inconvenience, a drawback that can be avoided by implementing a remote work policy, which currently makes work more enjoyable for many people through Cloud technology. Using the right tools is also a way to maintain a good work environment, especially if they facilitate communication, cooperation and general interaction between employees, just as IT Infrastructure Consulting does.

Some companies consider this a negative thing, however the truth is that this change in mentality has many advantages that our company can take advantage of. Logically, in order to obtain the greatest benefit from them, the well-being of our workforce must be achieved, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by ensuring that there is a good work environment, since sometimes this is even more valued than the same salary.

Maintaining a good work environment

Maintaining a good work environment is a somewhat complex process. It all starts with our business model, and is that our company values ​​results more or our employees? Generally, when evaluating the results more, a tense, stressful work environment is created that in many occasions also generates quarrels among our workforce by wanting to excel more than others. This can be avoided by using the right tools, which invite and facilitate collaboration. If a people-based business model is used then it is much more likely that this kind of conflict will not arise. Similarly, and regardless of the company model chosen, managers must maintain an environment of respect among employees.

Through simple practices such as not correcting employees in front of other employees, not having favors, giving criticism in private, congratulating in public and recognizing the abilities of each employee, we can ensure a greater degree of individual comfort within the work team . An easy way to reinforce this ideology is to give incentives, allowing them to get certificates for new knowledge that reinforces their work skills, such as those that can be obtained through CCNA online training, our educational platform.