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Direct Cool Vs. Frost Free: Which Is The Better One?

Direct Cool Vs. Frost Free: Which Is The Better One?
December 4, 2021 Tom Clark

The refrigerator marks the most crucial part of our homes today. The kitchen appears incomplete without one. We cannot imagine life without it. So, Direct Cool vs. Frost Free, let us understand their differences!

Make sure to understand the operations of various refrigerators. This will make you shopping for one easier. You can check out various websites from the comfort of your home. There would be several models of refrigerators available. So, you need not get confused about it.

People find it quite confusing in terms of understanding the kind of refrigerator to buy. It is why we have brought about the key differences. Especially between direct cool and frost-free refrigerators.

  1. Cost

Compare the direct cool and frost free refrigerators on the basis of the cost. Technology is involved here. Direct cool is much cheaper compared to the refrigerators that are frost free.

10-18000/- is the cost for the single door refrigerators. This includes the ones with direct cool technology. The frost free double door is costlier, ranging from 20-30,000/-.

So, you need not be confused, consider the frost free and direct cool difference. Select the one that can match your budget.

  1. Power Consumption

We can now look into the kind of power consumed by each of the technology.

The direct cool refrigerators consume less power and electricity. Whereas, the frost free models are costly as they have external fans.

The frost-free fridge mainly makes use of the external fans. It helps the distribution of the cool air all around the interiors of the refrigerator. It is where the basic reason behind Direct Cool vs. Frost Free lies. A heating system is also utilized by the frost-free refrigerator. This results in greater electrical consumption.

  1. Keeping Food Fresh

The direct cool fridge is better than the frost-free models for keeping foods fresh. Direct cool will be the best choice if you want it for short intervals.

The frost free models are efficient to keep food fresh for long time. It happens for the speed of fan and even distribution of air. They are responsible to keep food fresh for long time.

  1. Kind of Refrigerator

The direct cool technology holds uneven distribution of temperature. It is why they arrive in single door models. It is best to analyze the frost free and direct cool difference. So, make your choice accordingly. Determine your need to buy one.

The frost-free models are available in several kinds. Such as double, side-by-side as well as triple doors. It is the major aspect that allows you to purchase refrigerators. It comes with unique specifications as well as designs. However, you need to understand that the triple door fridges are not energy efficient.

  1. Family Size & Needs

150 liters is the minimum capacity for the direct cool models. The maximum capacity for these models is 200 liters. You can easily select the direct technology if you live alone or have a smaller family.

200 to 650 liters is the capacity range for the frost-free models. You should always select this kind of fridge. If you have a large family or a family having greater needs for storage this is the one you want.

While understanding the direct cool vs. frost free models, you need to analyze your need. This will govern your purchase decision. But, prior to purchasing one, keep in mind a few of the basic points. Before making a purchase, ensure that you are checking the Energy Star Ratings. It can help reduce your electric bills. All you need is to analyze your budget. Check your family’s needs, and then consider purchasing one.