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Declutter Your Home: 5 Gadgets That Will Keep Your House Clean

Declutter Your Home: 5 Gadgets That Will Keep Your House Clean
May 22, 2018 Simon Hopes

Though some people enjoy cleaning their home, most of the people think of it as a burden and tiring task. But gone are the days where you physically need to clean your house because, with the help of some handy gadgets, you can take in all the benefits of cleaning your home without even lifting a finger.


If scrubbing your kitchen and vacuuming your floors feels like a tiring undertaking for you, well the good news is that technology can, without a doubt, make your life a lot easier. These devices make the cleaning process effortless by automating the decluttering process.


So, if you are planning on cleaning your home, there are gadgets that can truly help you. For a little help, listed below are five gadgets that will help you clean and declutter your home in no time. Check them out!


Air Purifiers


Clean and fresh air isn’t only paramount, but essential to all of us. But many would say that clean isn’t possible nowadays because of the constant deterioration and air pollution. Keep in mind that even the cleanest room, air, or environment can still take up imperceptible and at times conspicuous dirt and particles that can harm one’s health or irritate existing health problems.


With that said, air purifiers is a must-have in every home. It reduces or lessens concentrations of toxic waste and pollutants. Air purifiers are smart home devices that help in the eradication of air pollutants. They are readily available in any online stores like Deal Wiki.

Air purifiers are specifically valuable for people who go through from allergies or asthma, as well as the removal of second-hand smoke. Therefore, air purifiers are necessary if there’s a smoker in your home.

When it comes to buying an air purifier, go for one that has High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA ) filters that aids in purifying and cleaning the air in your home. The HEPA filter get rids of at least 99.99% of impurities and dust particles from the air such as mold, dust mites, pollen, spores, and pet dander, according to the ConsumerSearch.

Robotic Window Cleaner

Let’s face it. Cleaning the window is tiresome and exhausting, and can even be sheer dangerous at the time. Rather than wavering dangerously on a tall ladder, get the help of a robotic window cleaner.

A robotic window cleaner helps you make the cleaning of windows much easier, whether indoors or outdoors, as well as those complicated to access. It makes it easy to clean a whole window from end to end, notifying you once done.

Look for a robotic window cleaner that has long battery life, particularly one that can clean at least ten windows on a single charge, and with magnetic or suction connectivity. Also, go for a robotic window cleaner that features brushes or cleaning pads for cleaning another type of surfaces, like mirrors, shower walls, and doors.

It’s also best to opt for a window cleaner that comes with remote controls and automated cleaning options. These features allow you the convenience of relaxing while cleaning your windows and enabling you to control your robot over the window.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most despised house chores is vacuuming. It’s boring, monotonous, and laborious, and with the society changing rapidly, it’s merely too time-consuming. A robotic vacuum cleaner is a remarkable device that helps in cleaning your home, without requiring you to devote lots of time and energy.


For the most part, robotic vacuum cleaners are compact, disc-shaped smart home devices that will do the work for you. There are tons of reasons why you should get a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home. One reason is that you won’t need any manual operation.


So, if you have any physical ailments or mobility issues, a robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning gadget for you. Another reason is that it helps you save tons of your time. For instance, if you’re busy, a robotic vacuum cleaner can clean by itself without any supervision.

Furthermore, robotic vacuum cleaners automatically adjust its cleaning settings to different surfaces. It’s self-charging as well. So you don’t have to worry about recharging it manually. Plus, they can fit into tight and narrow spaces. Thus rest assured that your floors will get a thorough and extensive cleaning in no time.

Microwave Cleaner

We often tend to neglect the idea of cleaning the insides of our microwave. We only clean it when there are any suspicious beverage and food stains. In that case, our immediate action towards such is to wipe it all off. However, does it eliminate all the dirt and stains?

Luckily, there’s a simple cleaning accessory that you can use to clean the insides of your microwave without using any harmful chemicals. All you have to do is to load the device with vinegar, water, and lemon juice.

Put it inside and let the microwave switched on high settings for about ten minutes. Though it will not clean the microwave for you, the steam from the mixture irons out caked-on, tough food so that you can wipe it down with ease by hand afterward.

Window Blind Brush

Window blinds can be a costly item to buy. That is why it’s of the utmost importance to clean it regularly so that they’ll look and new, and won’t require you to buy a new one. However, cleaning every blind would be very time-consuming and tedious.

But with the help of a window blind brush, you can make the cleaning process much easier. You can use it as it is, or add cleaning solution or water for some extra-intensity cleaning.


A clean and uncluttered room and environment leads to happier and more prolific inhabitants. However, these days cleaning seems to be nearly impossible for some due to their busy schedules and lives.

Fortunately, some devices or gadgets can help all of us to clean the house for us practically. From air purifiers to window blind brush, these smart cleaning devices can certainly help you keep your home clean.