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Common Practices in E-commerce Business Promotion That Reduce Traffic to Site

Common Practices in E-commerce Business Promotion That Reduce Traffic to Site
April 2, 2018 Simon Hopes

The internet is a potential place for managing your business since it has a huge influence on our daily lifestyle in the contemporary times. If you are looking for different ways in which you can expand your business, then the internet has some solutions to offer to you. There are various marketing plans and strategies which you can rely on, and if you are targeting to set up your online store, then there are many innovative ways in which you can do this. The key is to be creative and unique in your approach to managing your business. There are different types of an e-commerce site and digital marketing these days rely to a large extent on the various ways in which social media can help you out regarding promotional work.

Instagram – One of the top platforms for social media

One of the top platforms for social media is Instagram. With more than six million active users every month who use this platform for a major amount of time, Instagram is equipped with all those features which are very helpful in promoting your business and even conducting your business through it. There is number of brands which have their own Instagram store as well for promoting their business through this platform. However, in order to survive in the competition, it is elemental that you have a clear conception of how to promote the company and give your clients a very professional and smooth service. It is imperative that you set up a strategy for promotion and business through Instagram to avoid making any blunders which are common in such virtual business. The following tips would help you avoid such mistakes and built a good reputation as a brand among the customers you have.

Tagging on irrelevant posts

When you are uploading an image related to your business, it is likely that it would not be related to any of your clients in any way unless it’s a review shared by one of them. Hence tagging your clients to the post would be unnecessary. There are many Instagram stores which often tend to tag their clients and followers in bulk on every post they share. This can be very annoying to those who are being tagged on it. If they do not have any relation to the posts that you are sharing, tagging them to it is an unethical way of trying to seek attention from your customers. This would, in turn, annoy them and they may as well unfollow your page which is something you definitely would not want to happen. However occasional sharing of reviews and feedback from customers in the form of images can be done, and there you can tag the client who has shared this feedback as a gesture of acknowledgment.

Spamming their uploads

Certain brands and Instagram stores tend to leave comments which are completely irrelevant and promotional on the uploads of prospective clients. While once in a while such comments do not infuriate the viewers, but if it is repeatedly done, then they are likely to feel extremely annoyed and frustrated with it. This is kind of spamming and hence often creates a negative impact on the customers. The proper way would be to seek the permission of the potential clients and ask them about whether they would be interested in the products that you have and if they specifically say they are not interested it is better not to contact them any further and just provide a link which they can check when they are interested. The followers for Instagram should feel comfortable about following your page, and if you constantly spam them, it is likely that they would feel annoyed and stressed out. Hence this is an annoying practice that you should avoid as a businessman when you are trying to set up your own e-commerce business through Instagram.

Payment methods

It is crucial that you have a very clear and well-managed payment method for the E-commerce System business and your clients do not face any trouble while they are paying you. It is important that you choose the payment methods properly and provide cash on delivery options which is a majorly chosen option by the people. Different types of troubles may occur while paying and checking out of the website and you must seek professional help to set up these features to ensure that your customers can have a smooth transaction. To make sure that such troubles can always be avoided be vigilant about sorting out the queries that your customers have regarding the payment methods. When there are confusions which payment, usually the clients avoid such websites and Instagram stores. Since there are plenty of options, it is essential that you built a reputation of your own which make the customers come back again and again to you.

Incomplete information

When you are uploading an image for the products on your Instagram page, make sure that you provide all the necessary information along with the correct hashtags so that the image is easily accessible to those people who are looking for similar products. When you provide incomplete information about the product, the customers may feel suspicious about the quality that you are offering and may be dissuaded from shopping at your website.


There are different types of practices which you can apply for the success of your e-commerce business, but you must remember that certain practices can have a negative impact and hence should be avoided. It can be concluded that the various issues that have been discussed here are some of the practices that are known to have a negative impact on the clients and if you rectify them, you can gain major profit on your website.

Author bio: Walter Moore is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles, he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.


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