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Certificate in Performance Management Launched by Institute for Performance Management

Certificate in Performance Management Launched by Institute for Performance Management
September 17, 2019 Tom Clark

The Institute for Performance Management has launched the Certificate in Performance Management for team managers seeking performance management training and certification.

The Institute for Performance Management is dedicated to teaching and certifying best practices in performance management globally. The Institute delivers the Performance Management Certificate, a training and certification course in performance management that leads to the designation of Certified Performance Management Professional.

The performance management certificate courses provided by the Institute have all received input, been reviewed and approved by an Industry Advisory Council comprised of the senior business leaders below. This ensures that our courses are aligned with both best practices and the needs of small business and industry worldwide.

The Certificate in Performance Management provides performance management training for professionals looking to improve the performance of the teams they manage. The course introduces tools, templates and best practices worldwide in performance management. This training course will help team managers to master the core concepts, frameworks, and tools of performance management, so that they can attain a strong footing in local as well as international business landscape.

The courses are 100% online, so no travel or subscription is required. Each course is comprised of 10 modules and requires approximately 15 hours to complete with an online exam at the end which must be passed to obtain the certificate.

The Certificate in Performance Management proves to current and future employers that you have the knowledge and skill set to develop and manage high performing teams.Stand out from the crowd and prove your commitment to bringing out the best from your team with a certificate from the Institute for Performance Management.

Who is this course for?

The training course and certification is for anyone involved in managing direct reports and teams. The course is primarily for those involved in business and industry but is also relevant for those in government, charity and other bodies.

What are the benefits?

Learn best practices in helping your team achieve their greatest potential. Become recognized in your company as an expert in managing team performance. Advance your career by becoming a Certified Performance Management Professional.

What topics are covered?

Module 1: Key terminology, acronyms and a basic introduction to the area of performance management.

Module 2: Ensuring that performance metrics align with the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and objectives.

Module 3: Understanding the relationship between performance management and related key activities such as recruitment, compensation and training.

Module 4: Introduction and evaluation of different performance management strategies, techniques, tools and software.

Module 5: Performance management cycle and purpose of the annual performance review.

Module 6: Creating performance and development plans (including the provision of templates).

Module 7: Appraisals: preparing for and carrying out.

Module 8: The role of the team leader in achieving high performance.

Module 9: Key characteristics of a high performing team and the stages of group development. Identifying core behaviors that drive highperformance.

Module 10: Nurturing a performance culture.

How is the course delivered?

The Performance Management Certificate is delivered 100% online, including the exam. You will have up to six months to complete the 15-hour course which is comprised of video tutorials, case studies and e-books. Our goal is to educate and certify so you will have up to six attempts to pass the exam.

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