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Can stock investments be a full-time business?

Can stock investments be a full-time business?
March 3, 2022 Tom Clark

At some point in life, each one of us has thought of quitting a regular job and starting something of our own. Most of us are tired of doing regular corporate jobs, where we need to ask for permission even for a single day’s leave. So, is there a way to get out of this cycle and be “ Your Boss”? The answer is “Yes.”

You can be your boss by making systematic trades in the stock market. So, now the question is, how? What skills will you require to make stock investment your full-time business? Let’s find out what it takes to make that leap from being a tired employee to a boss.


The stock market is a place where you play with your money. So to make money, you need the initial capital first. Try to arrange for a minimum capital that will suffice your need for monthly expenditure. Say your monthly expenditure is INR 50,000, and you plan to make 10% of return from the stock market on a monthly basis, then you need to arrange a capital of INR 5,00,000 first.


The stock market is not a child’s play, where you can just start earning money without any knowledge. You can lose your entire wealth if you are not properly aware of your investments and the risks involved. So go and get yourself educated first. Various institutions offer courses on stock markets and equity research. So gather proper knowledge before entering the stock market.


Earning money from the stock market requires discipline. You need to set targets and should stick to them. It is never possible to earn money from the stock market on a regular basis. Some days you will lose, some days you will gain, but you should never be greedy. Always use Stop Losses before placing trades. If you have the right discipline, you will definitely gain.


Investment in the stock market has helped many investors to build wealth. But, before entering the stock market, an investor should be aware of the risks that are involved. If you plan to make it your business, you should be mindful of the market risks involved in stock trading.

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