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Can my insurance cover the cost of weight loss surgery?

Can my insurance cover the cost of weight loss surgery?
July 7, 2021 Tom Clark

Choosing a weight loss surgery Lubbock is a big decision. With no medical insurance, weight loss surgery is monetarily unattainable for lots of individuals, a sad truth as weight loss surgery Lubbock is often a medical requirement. It is also the last hope for some individuals.

The average cost of a lap-band is $14500, and the average cost of a gastric sleeve is $14900. Prior to choosing any of these procedures, it is vital to check will my insurance cover weight loss surgery.

Will insurance cover weight loss surgery?

Various insurance agencies cover various surgical procedures, but typically, a majority of insurance agencies would at least partly cover the major weight loss surgeries, which are sleeve gastrectomy, lap-band, and gastric bypass.

Should I use insurance?

Medical insurance is a great method as you are thinking about a bariatric procedure. But, several procedures are not covered with insurance. In the past, duodenal switches, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypasses were not covered. Currently, all these major surgeries are usually covered by lots of major insurance agencies. But it does not necessarily imply that your insurance incorporates coverage.

Weight loss surgery covered by insurance relies on the policy

As lots of insurance agents give some kind of bariatric surgery coverage, your policy details what is entailed and what is not. A few insurance policies particularly exclude bariatric surgery.

There are insurance agencies that charge more for incorporating bariatric surgery coverage. Because of this, you would require checking your insurance to find if you have coverage or not. To do that, you can simply contact your insurance carrier directly. Know how to pay for weight loss surgery without insurance.

What if you do not have insurance coverage?

You don’t need to be anxious if you don’t have coverage; there are other ways. Think about a medical loan. Several weight loss programs work with agencies that provide loans for patients who want to experience weight loss surgery but do not hold insurance. Ask your surgeons whether they work with financial institutes for loans.

Consider a job that has many perks. In lots of instances, it might make sense to seek a new job for the perks.

Critical requirements for insurance coverage for bariatric surgery

  1. You have to be 18 or above.
  2. You should have a BMI of 40 or more.
  3. You must have the documents of past weight loss efforts.
  4. You need to avoid or completely stop smoking before surgery.