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Can I Buy Hemp Oil Online? Is It Legal to Mail Hemp Oil to My House?

Can I Buy Hemp Oil Online? Is It Legal to Mail Hemp Oil to My House?
February 5, 2019 Tom Clark

Many people have heard about the health benefits of hemp oil and would like to try it but question hemp oil legal in their state. They also wonder if hemp oil legal can be shipped to their home. There is some information to clarify the legal status of hemp oil.

Can Hemp Oil Be Purchased Online?

Hemp oil is legal to purchase online. It needs to come from an industrial hemp company. This oil does not contain THC which is responsible for the feeling of being high. The oil is made from the mature hemp stalk of the plant because this is the area that does not contain the THC. this way it can be in compliance with all of the regulations set forth by the FDA. When a person is looking to purchase hemp oil they should research the different brands as well as the online stores that sell this oil. The oil is legal to purchase but a person should know if they are getting a quality product.

Is it Legal to Have Hemp Oil Shipped?

It is legal to purchase hemp oil online and have it shipped to the home. the 2014 Farm Bill has made it legal to ship hemp oil anywhere in the United States. A person will not get in trouble for having the hemp oil shipped right to their home. The oil from the hemp plant is legal and there are no issues with having it shipped to a residential address. A person cannot get in legal trouble for buying hemp oil or using the hemp oil.

Hemp oil is legal to purchase over the internet, legal to ship, and legal to use. This can allow a person to get the health benefits that hemp oil has to offer without worrying about getting into legal trouble. Hemp oil has been cleared for use in the United States. A person should purchase the hemp oil from a trusted online store so they know they are getting an authentic product.

What to Look for in an Online Store

There are some things to be aware of when purchasing hemp oil. All of the ingredients in the oil must be clearly listed. Some companies will add coconut oil to the hemp so that it is easier for the body to digest it. The store should have a clear way to contact them. There should be a phone number even if it is a toll-free number. If there is no phone number do not do business with that store. All the hemp oil should be organic. While it is fine to look for hemp oil that reasonably prices if the oil is too cheap this can be a warning sign that the product is not high quality. There should also be some information with the dosage of the hemp oil.

One of the best places to purchase hemp oil online is Functional Remedies. They sell high-quality hemp oil and will ship it right to their customer’s home.