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Beyond 2017 Web Design Trends

Beyond 2017 Web Design Trends
June 12, 2018 Simon Hopes

Keeping in touch with the evolving web design trends is a must for every web designer. It is a necessary task given the popularly growing mobile devices. Web experience has broadened in a staggering rate.

Responsive web designs and new concepts fit for an engaging mobile experience continue to challenge web designers. Interactive and easy-to- navigate web designs blossom every now and then to give users a fruitful browsing experience.

Even in the past years, web designs have continuously changed. New design ideas surface the World Wide Web as more and more websites pop up. The trends come and go and every web designer and every web design company anticipates the next web design trend.

In this article, we are going to share with you some beyond 2017 web design trends to keep you in the loop. Read on to discover all of them!

1. Rise of Improved Haptics

The technology behind the mild vibrating sensation whenever a button is pushed, clicked, or touched (in mobile devices) is called haptics. This technology mimics the tactile reaction of the pressing of a button.

In 2018, it is expected that more improvements with haptics will rise. The improvements will center on influencing user behavior, prompting them to heed a website’s call to action. It is a great technology for web page design since improvements in haptics can also help a website retain its visitors.

2. Advancement In Web Design Interface

Every action that we do on our mobile device can be classified into different kinds of interactions. By using an app and connecting to people, we are already engaging in a series of micro-interactions and micro-mini interactions. Website designers are expected to incorporate an advanced interface on their web designs to create mechanisms that will encourage engaging content for new interactions.

3. Emergence of Unconstrained Web Interface

Constrained designs will soon experience a diminishing popularity among users. Constrained designs are often seen in website with simple design elements and features. It’s not that it’s bad, but it prevents users to explore more options.

A simple web design with simple options for its users can be limiting and constraining. In the next few years, the trend on giving users a variety of options that they can choose from will soon rise. As a website designer, look for ways on how to optimize your user’s experience by providing intelligent and ideal options that they can choose from.

4. Improvement in Web Design Workflows

Every website designer and website design company seeks out designing tools that can help in improving workflows and decreasing the feedback loop. This encourages dynamic and fully-functional websites that create an enhanced user experience.

Future trends are trends that we are yet to see. Some of these trends can be a hit or miss. Whether or not you rely on a current trend or anticipate the next one, it is always important to look out for fresh web design elements.

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