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Best Marketing Tips for an ICO in China

Best Marketing Tips for an ICO in China
June 25, 2018 Simon Hopes

The IOCs have been completely blown in the past few months, some have just seen inactive activity in the past few weeks. In response, we want to put the pen into a virtual paper and nothing else has only insight and learning offered from the IOC, but also in the place of IOO. The Hush Rush, marketing director of Marketing Craig Richie, currently has 14 suggestions for anyone planning or running ICO.

  1. Some Search on ICO

If ICO investors are considering investing in your project, they will be bound to a certain extent. In other words, they will see the details of your project and find out that this is a good investment opportunity. So if you want to ensure that your plan is under their care, look at what it is desperate. For example, see the IOO review videos of key effects or check out your personal Twitter accounts. You should see what they want to invest and how they change them from existing projects. While big claims about your product can be appealed to spy, the next will not get many investors in the past, who spend on hours waiting for them.

Once you know what ICO investors want to do with a successful project, they meet their concerns. For example, confirm that your team has these linked profiles; make sure your street mode is realized; or write your white paper professionally. There are many other measures to meet potential investors.

  1. Answer the most important question of planning plan

One question is that all the other questions can be forwarded in the IOO plan, and it is: “Why Blachen?”

It can be asked to be one of the most important questions, and really one question you should ask yourself more. If you’re doing what you can do with a simple database or a variety of technologies, you just jump on the Bouchen bandwagen. This means that there is no reason to engage in the cryptocurrency space – and seriously investors will have to hurt it very quickly.

  1. Start Your IOO

Start launching prototype once launching your IOO, it is unlikely that it is too small or limited. For many investors, this is a decent factor. There are one million great ideas, but people want to invest in something. The working prototype starts heading on many other projects – and it can be a deal breaker.

4.Set Up A Strong community Team

Since December 2017, a large proportion of people in the IOCs is so rich in amateur people who want to invest (multi million dollars) people who have received constitutional bulletin as investors get Is. That means maybe you did not read your white paper. They are not interested in what you are trying to achieve. And maybe he does not fully understand what you want to do. And yet, they promise to make money easily, and are afraid to remember the opportunity to participate in your IOO. This results in numerous questions about your entire project, putting huge stress on people in your team responsible for community management. If you are very pleased to work with electronics projects as well as electronom (> 40,000 telegram users), Communamp (> 20,000 users), only one person who can not handle thousands of messages, you receive every hour. Will do If you want to meet all those people – you must – set up a community team that will make your communication channels 24/7.

  1. Understand and Follow Local Laws and Regulations

Make sure your ILO has complete understanding of the regulatory framework for your area, and make sure your plan is placed on it. If you can not run the IOC due to legal restrictions, consider transferring your business. Some IOSs have operated more Corp.’s friendly countries (for example, some Chinese companies have been registered or registered in Hong Kong). Intelligent investors do not want to put their money in something that can not be legally.

  1. Legal Advice and Accurately Diagnose

Make sure you make budget and your KYC properly for legal advice. The cryptocurrency space is in constant flow and new rules and regulations can come around almost night. You do not want to be caught by your crowded halfway because you dragged on a lawyer’s fee. Find out what you plan for planning, and if necessary, access your experienced organizations such as Bucketko Suisse to drive it towards you. Do everything from the book – it will be worth it for a long.

  1. Think Values Of Your Project

Consider the values for your project with your team (and decide). For example, do you want to become a part of the true philosophy of Crappo that divides wealth and profits among many people? Then you want to set as many individual caps (eg 0.5 ETHs) so that you can participate in at least one of your people in your IOO. On the other hand, if your primary goal is increasing rapidly, you can set a minimum cap and make sure that the wheel ‘take part’. There is no right or wrong way to do so, but make sure you already think about it and let your decisions be informed.

  1. Set a maximum of individual caps for the first 24 hours of your IOC

If you want to give everyone a fair chance, run your public token with the maximum individual cap for the first 24 hours of sale. It gives the opportunity to participate. If the hard cap has not reached yet after the first day, then open it by opening the flood. But if you have a solid project, there is a prototype to prove a strong team, a detailed road mode and of course, so do not worry: you’ll get a fund.

Source : IPO , MarketingtoChina.Com