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A 9apps For Android Faq To Dispel All Your Doubts

A 9apps For Android Faq To Dispel All Your Doubts
March 25, 2019 Tom Clark

What is 9Apps?

9Apps is very similar to Google Play or the iOS app store. It is a place where you can download an app that you want. It is true that their collections may be a little less than Google but it is a great app store to use on Android.

Can we use 9Apps for Android?

Yes, we can only use 9Apps in devices which have Android as the base operating system.

What are the minimum requirements to download 9Apps?

You can download 9Apps in devices which have Android 4.0 or higher versions of Android for their operating system.

Is 9Apps legit?

It is definitely a legitimate app which you can easily use. Its reliability has been questioned on many forums which could make you think twice before downloading the app. Reports have surfaced which accuses the app being full of viruses that will cause your computer to crash. Yet it is one of the most popular app stores that people are using all over the world. Therefore, you need not be afraid about the question of whether 9Apps can be trusted or not.

How is 9Apps different from other app stores?

The unique selling point of 9Apps is the fact that it pushes app updates so much faster than any other app store. For eg, when we compare it to Google Play store we see that 9Apps brings up app updates in only 3 to maximum 4 hours whereas Google Play Store takes almost a day to push the app updates.

The next thing to notice about 9Apps is that it allows us to download the app packages or apks as they are termed. That way, when you uninstall an app, you do not have to go online to download it again. The base core of the app is already with you so you can just extract the package and have the app installed in your phone again in no time.

What are the other features of 9Apps?

9apps For Android can also be used as a price comparison site. This feature is special for the app since they don’t require you to search the product you want in the app itself. You can be searching for your favorite heels in Amazon and you can get a push notification on your device with a list of prices that the same heels are sold on, in other e-commerce sites.

9Apps also has a veritable display of the latest music and TV shows for those who are big fans of it. You can watch any episode or any video on 9Apps in the entertainment zone. The Live TV feature has more than 200 channels available for you to view and you don’t even have to pay. Apart from these delights, you can also gather coupons and discount offers for many food and travel apps in 9Apps. You can basically do just about anything in 9Apps – it is a treasure waiting to be explored. All you have to do is download it and give it a try.