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7 Necessary Features That Should Be Part of a Creative Coworking Space

7 Necessary Features That Should Be Part of a Creative Coworking Space
November 18, 2019 Tom Clark

When you are in your initiative to find a creative coworking space, you would necessarily require a few features in it. Apart from the necessities like a photo studio or format printer there are several hidden features which every creative coworking space requires.

  1. Coffee – This is probably not possible to miss out coffee, so it cannot be hidden. This is certainly a must-have thus I included this in the list. In order to make sure that your productivity continually remains unaffected by the hunger pangs, coffee and snacks corner is an inevitable feature of any well-organized creative coworking space. Every coworker can enjoy the liberty of dropping in for some quick refreshments during their hectic work hours for keeping their energy level intact and zeal to work for long hours.
  1. Plants – Every creative coworking space should have a few aesthetic indoor plants placed in the work areas as well as in the leisure areas. Plants are indeed the most underrated décor items in any indoor space & yet might create a considerably huge impact. Plants require sunlight and thus they should preferably be placed in locations which receive some sunlight through the glasses. Plants have the capacity of increasing the working capacity. Just having some good greenery around can create a very serene environment which will reduce the overall stress over the passage of time. There are several pieces of research which reveal that the plants can soothe as well as restore the overall efficiency of human minds when that is completely drained out intellectually after long hours of work.
  1. Inspiring and soothing décor – Decorating a creative coworking space tastefully is certainly a priority. An influential décor has the potential of catching every co-worker’s imagination who choose to work from the concerned coworking space. The creative coworking space usually experiments with various textures and create a unique palette which is a healthy mix of the various bold colors and neutrals. They usually highlight the best features & hide the not so great ones with the help of the color schemes. A warm & bright creative coworking space feels really welcoming that helps the new members to adjust faster in the coworking space. Some inspiring paintings are to be displayed on the walls which would give the creative coworkers the desired inspiration to think well and be optimally productive at work.
  1. Round-the-clock access – You will no longer require adhering to that boring & rigid work schedule if you choose a creative coworking space. The makers of the it very well understands that inspiration & creativity can’t be timed. So, all creative coworking spaces prefer to provide you with 24/7 access to the coworking space once you subscribe for a membership with them. There are usually no extra charges for accessing the coworking space round-the-clock and there are no other catches. You can enjoy coming to work any time even in the wee hours which can probably boost your creative process.
  1. Super-duper fast Wi-Fi – In today’s world, it becomes a challenge to work without a high-speed internet connection. When you choose a well-organized creative coworking space in Mumbai, you will no longer have to rely on a shoddy and slow broadband connection with least efficiency. All the modern creative coworking spaces usually have fibre optic Wi-Fi high-speed internet connectivity which would offer you the right efficiency. You can enjoy the liberty of working at your own pace without worrying about any probable bottlenecks.
  1. Flexible options – The creative coworking spaces usually have a wide array of workstations to offer to the members. Thus, you would not be required to settle for anything less than what you are looking for. The membership fees vary for each of them depending on the various features you are looking for. Here are some of the options from which you can choose from in a creative coworking space:
  • Spark Desk
  • Studio Workstation
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Executive Office
  • Micro Office
  • Team Office
  • Large Office
  1. Quality professional networking – One of the prime features of a creative coworking space is effective and quality networking as the coworkers are exposed to a wide and diverse communication network. This is one of the major reasons why thousands of professionals are witnessed to thrive in Best Working Environment. The coworkers can always head to the common spaces and take some time out to socialize & make a few friends. The contacts that you build here may prove to be highly useful in the near future.