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5 tips every vaper should know

5 tips every vaper should know
February 8, 2019 Tom Clark

The real joy of vaping is only known to the ones who vape the best e liquid in Australia. And to become a pro at vaping, you don’t necessarily have to be doing this for years. You can be a beginner, still be good at vaping. You want to know how? Well, here we have compiled this guide for you. We have five tips to help make your vaping experience free from rookie vape mistakes and oops moments. Below are the five tips to improve the way you vape e-liquid in Australia or anywhere in the world.

#1 Avoid prolonged exposure of your vape kit to extreme conditions: Extreme cold and hot temperatures are certainly not an ideal condition for any of your liquids and devices, including batteries, electronic cigarettes and vape liquid. Such extreme conditions can negatively impact battery life, disintegrate nicotine e-liquids and damage parts of your devices. There is also a risk of fire in the worst case scenario. So, be a responsible vaper and take care of your devices.

#2 Use and store your batteries safely: Your e-cigarette batteries are most of the times a blessing, but they can be a curse if you don’t take care of them. There are certain things you need to be wary of while handling batteries. You should keep all your batteries separate and away from metal objects like keys. There’s an elaborate reason to answer your ‘why-so’; so, let’s just not get into that. All you should know is that if the terminals of a battery come in contact with another battery’s terminals or any metal item, it can lead to short-circuit and, eventually, failure.

#3 Don’t forget to drink a lot of water: When you begin to vape liquid, you might never want to stop and keep doing it in order to enjoy this new-fangled way to chill. Not only you, but we all have been there and done that. The only problem with overdoing vaping is that either you will lose the sense of taste or your tongue gets a bit numb. This dreaded tongue condition is called vaper’s tongue in the e-cig world. It’s not anything serious or permanent; you will be fine if you increase your water intake.

#4 Focus on battery amperage: When you choose a battery for your vape device, you should go for the one that can handle your current resistance. This advice is applicable especially when you are thinking of switching to a sub-ohm tank. In that case, you need to check if your e-cigarette can fire it efficiently. Just imagine you have a 300W enabled vape device and a tank with 150W rating. Having a mod that can handle 150W rating doesn’t always indicate your batteries can. To not let that happen, ensure that you go through the specs carefully.

#5 Treat your vaper’s tongue: Vaper’s tongue is an olfactory fatigue that does not let anyone vape e liquid with ease. It keeps vapers deprived of tasting flavours to their satisfaction. In fact, it can give you a numb tongue that won’t taste anything. To revive your taste buds, most advice to sniff at Coffee Guide beans. It is believed that you could restore your sense of taste quickly. You can prevent this by staying hydrated (as mentioned above) and often switching between different flavours.