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January 2, 2019 Simon Hopes

Want to get tips on how to grow your Instagram followers in 2019? You’re in the right place. Sure, there are dodgy shortcuts that will earn you more followers. But what’s the point?

You’ll want to grow a following that actually cares. Followers who can engage with your products brand or services. That’s the best way for your Instagram strategy to deliver verifiable business results.

Use these tips to earn your profile free followers on Insta.

1. Create a Great Profile and Bio

Your profile means everything on Instagram. It’s your first opportunity to create a great first impression. If you do it well, your visitors will love it. That’ll lead to an increase in your followers. After all, who do you expect to follow a profile that’s unappealing, incomplete or unclear?

Your profile on Instagram should include your bio, name, and website.

Your name should have a maximum of 30 characters. You may also include a keyword to make it discoverable.

Where possible, make your username similar to that of other channels. That makes it easier for your followers on other platforms to know and follow you.
Your bio should be 150 characters. It should communicate your brand identity and show visitors why they need to follow you.

2. Run Contests

Starting and running contests on Instagram is an easy way to grow your audience. It helps drive traffic to your site and even sell products or services.

You may ask your visitors and followers to comment, like, share, or repost your photos to enter a contest.

Running strategy is an effective strategy that works for nearly all companies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or a large company.

3. Engage With Existing Community

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram is about the community built within. As such, you should engage them. But first! Find them.

Use the opportunity to identify the social conversations that are relevant to your niche and brand. From here, you’ll be able to identify potential influencers to engage.

Once you get these users, engage them by liking, commenting, or even sharing their content. In most cases, they’ll reciprocate your actions. If they like what they see on your profile, they’re likely to follow you. If an influencer does any of the above, it’ll have a multiplier effect on who follows and doesn’t follow you.

Other than spotting influencers, keep an eye on relevant location tags, hashtags, and keywords. Use them to build an engaging conversation.

4. Use Instagram Adverting

The use of Instagram ads is an effective strategy to get new followers, quickly. It gets your posts and content in front of users who may not have seen it. They easily target your audience by demographics, locations, behavior, and interests.

Besides the newsfeed, you can easily place adverts on Instagram stories. The good thing, you can also add links to your website on these stories.

Be sure to evaluate whether the Instagram ads are effective in drawing engagement for your products or not.