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4 Best Examples of Robotics Technology that We Have Witnessed

4 Best Examples of Robotics Technology that We Have Witnessed
March 4, 2018 Tom Clark

Robotics is a field of study that includes electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and other similar departments. It requires a great deal of design, development and operation to use a robot like a computer application for processing information or completing a job. Read on to know about the four best examples of robotics that we have already seen.

  1. da Vinci Surgical System

This is a great surgical system that has been created by Intuitive Surgical in 2000. By using the four hands of this system, a surgeon can conduct a surgery remotely. The system is considered a huge advancement in the medical industry as well as in the robotics.

  1. The Violin-playing Robot

Developed by Toyota in 2007, this mechanical musician is another excellent example of the robotics industry. However, it was displayed publicly in 2010 at Shanghai World Expo for the first time. Currently, Toyota is working on building their line of personal assistants by applying this technology.

  1. Roomba

This is the first commercial product that has been listed in this list. American advanced technology company iRobot has made this product for vacuuming. The company has already sold 2.5 million of Roomba.

  1. Sojourner (Mars Rover)

Landed on July 4, 1997, in the soil of Mars, Sojourner is the robotic Mars rover that studied the Martian atmosphere. Sojourner is currently controlled by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology.

So, these are the top 4 examples of the Digital Transformation 2021 technology that we have already witnessed. It is expected that we will come to see a more exciting things in this industry shortly.


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