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10 Essential Technical SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

10 Essential Technical SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies
August 30, 2018 Simon Hopes

Are you looking to open an SEO agency of your own? It is one of the most important componentsin today’s digital world. It does not matter whether the website is of a big MNC or a small business, if they want to promote their brand online, then companies, need to invest in SEO. Therefore, if you have the skills and experience, thenthe sky is the limit for your success. In this article, we will discuss with you 10 essential technical SEO to succeed in your professional life.

  1. Authority Spy

An influencer is very important in improving your own brand recognition. If you want to look for some big-time influencers in your segment, then this tool will be a great help to you.It can source the link to all the influencers in any segment that you desire to know about from multiple locations like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. This ensures that you get a complete database of all the influencers that you can contact to get a high quality of captive audience.


Do you desire to become the best digital marketing agency in the country? To reach the top you need to know about link building technique, wherein you invest in an outreach program to offer highly personalised and efficient marketing technique to improve the brand image of your client. Buzzstream is one of the most popular technical SEO tools for a variety of jobs that you need to do to improve your SEO strategy. This tool allows you to do a lot of research on SEO links, find out more about influencers, look at your link building efforts in real time and many more.


This is one of the popular SEO tools that allow you to check your web page for several key elements and see whether they are optimised for the best SEO result. This tool allows you to look at the major component of your websites like the dashboard, website review and your marketing plan. This will helpyou analyse your SEO strategy in great detail.Italso allows you to look at if there are any crawl errors, Mobile optimisation problems and usability issue of your website. This comprehensive report can be a great help if you want to know what are the shortcomings of the website that you are designing and how to rectify it.


Siteliner is one of the popular SEO tools that are available for the experts to improve their SEO strategies.This tool is very helpful tofind out if there are any duplicate content in your website. When you use this tool, then you will be able to find out what are the common contents, what are the unique contents and what are the duplicate contentson your website. Once you get the idea, then you can remove the duplicate content from your website otherwise, Google might penalise you as duplicate content is considered to be a black hat technique. Additionally, this tool also gives you a comprehensive report about the internal and external links of your website, the number of words per page an average page load time as compared to your competitors.


Building links are one of the most important techniques of SEO. However, when you build a link. You may have asked yourself a few questions like whether other sites are providing links back to your own and why do your website sometimes lose a backlink. This tool gives you an idea regarding these two questions by emailing you results relating to any backlinks that you might have created. Additionally, it also gives you the ranking of your competitor’s website, and if they are adding any new links. This will, in turn, help you to focus your attention on getting the same links so that you can compete with them in better terms.

  1. Screaming Frog

This SEO tool is also related to links. This amazing tool allows you to go through your URLs and find out if there are any broken links or server errors. It goes through your URL and helps you to find out if there are any duplicate URLs. This tool helps you to analyse the page titles, as well as meta descriptions,and also find out if there are any URLs that are blocked by robots.txt or meta robots.


If you are looking for a tool that works like Google AdWords but gives you a more refined result, then you can look at WordStream. This amazing SEO tool helps the experts to find out those keywords that are very high in volume, but very low in competition. Additionally, it helps you to find out keyword phrases, negative keywords, PPC keywords and meta keywords. It has a huge library of keywords that are used frequently by the visitors online, which is updated in real time so that you get the best keywords to target your audience.


This tool is used by SEO experts to identify high quality backlinks for a website as well as look for keywords or keyword phrases that are used in high volumes but have low competition. As an SEO expert, these two elements are considered to be the most important of all other SEO features that are used to improve the ranking of a website. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that gives you both of these elements in a very easy to read and follow format, then you shouldhaveit in your kit.


If you want to study the SEO strategy of your competitor’s website, then this is the right tool for you. It has a huge number of keywords and domain names that will help you to find out the right keyword domain name for your website. It can also help you to identify the SEO strategy that is adopted by your competitor’s website and what kind of backlinks is provided on their website which is giving them such a high ranking. When you get a complete picture of your competitors SEO strategy, then you can tweak your own to improve the competitiveness of your own website.


As the name of the tool suggests, this program is used by SEO experts to identify if there are any broken links that are affecting the ranking of a website. Once you have identified the broken links, you can move ahead and prepare them to improve the user’s experience, which in turn will improve your ranking.

These are the top ten tools that most SEO experts use to improve their skills working and ensure that the website on which they are working on gets a better ranking

Author Bio :

Anil Kumar is a Digital marketing expert and working as a Sr. SEO in renowned digital marketing agency Addictive Media. He has five years plus experience in digital marketing arena. He helps many big brands to rank on Google’s first page and improve their sales through digital marketing platforms.